Monday, October 5, 2009

Thoughts on Fall

I can hardly believe we need the furnace to take the chill off the early fall weather. My Black-eyed Susans are nearly spent – time to pull them out of the garden. And I’ll pick the last of the rhubarb to make a few more batches of cobbler and jam (then home-made bread to spread it on). A few leaves on the local maple trees are already turning color.

Time for the holiday arts and crafts fairs to begin.

Since so many people are feeling the pinch of the tight economy, I’m making a special line of matted and framed pieces for this year’s shows. They are small, personal pieces of handmade paper with flowers and leaves I gathered from the garden and pressed for this line. The prices are very low. When life gets difficult and stress levels rise, I think we need beauty to calm our spirits. I made these intimate pieces to speak to souls in troubled times and whisper a quiet word that all is well. Just right to place on a dresser or give to a special friend. I hope people enjoy them.