Monday, May 22, 2017

A Weekend to Create While Not Saying Goodbye

Last week a dear friend moved to another state, and while I know it's a wonderful decision and she and her husband will have a great retirement, we did NOT want to say good bye. So we celebrated their retirement with breakfast at Blueberry Hill, then relaxed in her garden until it was time to fill a bag with clippings to press and add to my handmade papers. This past weekend was my time to create with botanicals from her garden. Above, all but the top left are gifts from her garden. This is how they looked before I put them in the press. I am now adding pencil lines for definition.
Other gifts from her garden included the flash of reflected sunlight as the fish swan in the coy pond, the sound of the waterfall and neighborhood birds singing, the scent of lilacs and the colors of the blossoms and leaves.
I suspect we may be able to stretch this not saying goodbye thing out for quite a while yet. I'm in no hurry.