Monday, November 17, 2014

Glimpse of Clouds

This is another in the Glimpse series of 2 pieces of my handmade paper attached with the top layer cut away: "Clouds Scrolled Back." An old hymn, "When Peace like a River" ends with a verse about faith becoming sight and clouds being "rolled back as a scroll." I did this piece with my sight in mind before several of my eye surgeries.

Monday, November 10, 2014

More Pots

More of Rich's pottery. These wheel-thrown pots were fired in a traditional kiln, but the glazes are reminiscent of raku firing On the left, the cut-away design allows light from a candle to dance in the shapes. Texture on the pot on the right was made with a Steve tool, and the pot just seemed to be asking for a handle.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

If you look at the weather, the calendar and the clock, you will know exactly what time it is. It's time for a mental health day. The weather is getting colder and the holiday rush is getting closer. Time for a wonderful morning at The Center (12700 Southwest Hwy, Palos Hills, IL) to relax and create. On Friday, November 21, from 10am - 12 noon we are going to make recycled paper pulp, stir in bits from the garden or craft drawer, and enjoy the look and feel of our hand made paper. There will be gift boxes to cover so the container you make will be a work of art to hold the gift you put inside. Or keep it for your own treasures. 

At First Glimpse

"Glimpse 1" from the Glimpse series.
In this series I cut through one piece of paper I made and attached it to another piece so you could get a glimpse of the paper below. So often much of what is beautiful, and much of what is going on in our lives and world is hidden from plain sight.
I love looking at pieces of the sky and sun through the holes in the clouds. I cut Xs in the top sheet so the openings would almost appear star-like.  Sometimes it's good to let our imaginations mix things up a bit.
You can view this photo here, but the piece has sold.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

National Healing Arts Show

Frame size 22"x19"x1"

"Open Heart 2" is hand-made recycled paper, a pulp painting with embedded botanicals and applied pigment from the "Open Heart" series. It will be hanging in the National Healing Arts Show in Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital, 5101 S. Willow Springs Rd, LaGrange, IL 60525 from November 6, 2014 - January 6, 2015. Last year I was a patient at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital for the replacement of a defective aortic valve, but my stay was prolonged because of complications. I now enjoy health and vitality thanks to the healthcare team at the Adventist Hospital.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Papermaking Workshops, Fall 2014

Papermaking Workshops at The Center, 12700 Southwest Hwy, Palos Park, IL.
Wednesday, September 17, 6:30-9:30pm: Making paper from the garden, incorporating leaves and petals in the pulp, and moulded paper with garden theme.
Friday, October 10, 1-3pm. Fall leaf paper, embedding leaves in paper and making leaf shapes in paper sheets.
Projects can include papers to use in collages and scrap-booking, photo mats, note cards and framed art pieces.
Instructor: Marilyn VandenBout
Call 708.361.3650 for information and to reserve a spot in class.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art Play Date

I enjoyed getting together with friends who are also artists this summer for an artists' play date. Among other things, we experimented with photo transfers onto wood block. I took this photo at the Art Institute of Chicago in the cafeteria, looking out the window at the courtyard. If you pay close attention to details, you may notice I did not reverse the image for this transfer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Raku Firing

Earlier this summer Rich joined a Raku workshop at The Center. Artists first made their clay pieces, bisque fired and glazed with crackle or metallic glazes, then put them in the outdoor kiln to 1800 degrees, glowing hot. They took the pieces out with tongs, put them in cans with sawdust and straw to burn, then covered to cut off the oxygen. Next into water to cool and clean. Unglazed clay turns black. The results are not food safe and don't hold water, but they are beautiful to look at.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Alive and Kicking

OK, so I kind of was back, but now I really am back. Alive and kicking. Enough with health crises already.
The title of this work is "Thy Dross to Consume, Thy Gold to Refine." Words from a song referring to coming through difficult times. And Lord knows, yes, I have. The piece is framed to 31" h x 23" w.
All hand made papers: black is 100% cotton, tan in hand beaten Japanese fibers, and the small piece is recycled with embedded botanicals and gold leaf attached with brass brads.