Friday, November 11, 2011

Bracelets and Earrings and Pins, Oh My!

Mixing my handmade paper beads with other beads for bracelets was so much fun, I had to try making pairs of earrings. Then I remembered my button jar. Inspired by my niece who has a line of jewelry with buttons, I decided to incorporate some buttons with my paper beads.
Planning earrings was such a joy, I had to try hanging several from a safety pin as a brooch. I appears I am hooked on this.
Thanks for the inspiration, Ashley!

Handmade Paper Beads

My college roommate recently flew to Chicago to visit me. Of course we had a downtown day, but being the gracious hostess that I am, I set up a jewelry station in my family room and put her to work. We cut up sheets of my handmade paper, rolled the strips into beads, and sealed them with acrylic varnish. The we played with all my jewelry supplies and made bracelets. I love mixing the paper beads with others for color and texture - glass, wood, metal and plastic add just the right visual interest.
These pieces will be on display at The Center's Art Show/Sale on November 20.
I hope my roomie is wearing her new bracelets with style.